Our Story.

RM 5457 is the embodiment of a lifestyle revolution, meticulously crafted from a desire to inspire and empower those at the forefront of change—the entrepreneurs, creatives, and leaders who dare to rewrite the narrative of the ordinary. As the Vanguard of Vision, we are dedicated to empowering the next wave of Pathfinders, Luminaries, and Ascendants across diverse landscapes, championing the indomitable spirit of those who venture beyond the horizon.

Our essence is rooted in the belief that luxury and modernity can coexist with innovation and sustainability, serving as the cornerstone for a brand that inspires, captivates, and transforms. Every piece we design, from apparel to lifestyle accessories, is imbued with the aspiration to not just dream, but to achieve. It’s a celebration of individuality, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of one’s passions.

As the emblem of fearless ambition, RM 5457 is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of self-expression and the relentless pursuit of success. Our vision extends beyond fashion, supporting a community that thrives on achieving the impossible and celebrating accomplishments in their most genuine form. From fashion to business materials, decor, outreach and exclusive experiences that offer unparalleled networking and entertainment, we are the gateway to nurturing the leaders of the next generation.

Founder's Vision

future is

A lifestyle brand comprising premium apparel, home, office, and couture.

A podcast centered educating, inspiring and interviewing industry greats about better this world.

In-person interviews on our channels adding valuable insights and lessons for those moving into leadership roles or choosing to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Last, and arguably my favorite, our physical RMs rotating across the US 4x a year offering an exclusive invite by lottery to experience a lavish set of entertainment, networking, and a taste of a themed dream.

Here, you will meet individuals from all walks of life and place yourself right in the hands of those who could push your business to new heights, sign you to that deal you’ve been working towards or at the very least, widen your circle with a few new friends.

All while being immersed in themed, hidden luxurious evening to remember. I hope that should you become a permanent guest of RM 5457, that we give you the tools to follow your path in luxury.

Hard work reaps benefits and if you’re willing to own your life, you deserve a lifestyle, a RM that roots for you.

I truly hope you enjoy your guest experience and I look forward to watching you realize your dream.

~ Chrisma