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The Story


We are a celebration, doorway and emblem of

. Individuality .

. Influencers .

. Creatives .

. Beauty .

. Leaders .

Our Emblems: 

The Influencers, The Prestige.
Individuals who have created a path of their own.  
They don't act on trends, they create them.
The Creatives, The Movers. 
Individuals who Just. Don't. Stop.
They've been motivated to strive towards their dreams, accomplish them and more importantly, pull others up with them.

The Motivators, The Leaders.
Individuals that have seen their purpose and sought to rise above the norm, pushing through obstacles.
These individuals are looked up to for their accomplishments with the hope to motivate others to do the same.


Through the promotion of interconnectivity, one-of-a-kind experiences and self-expression, we are a community for those that possess a world-changing mindset.
Welcome to RM 5457. 
We Hope You Enjoy Your Experience. 

Welcome to RM 5457.

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