Welcome to RM 5457

We Are

We are a lifestyle brand that seeks to be a celebration, doorway and emblem of Individuality, Influencers, Creative, Beauty and Leaders.

Our Emblems


The Influencers. The Prestige. Individuals who have created a path of their own. They don't act on trends, they create them.

Our Emblems


The Creatives. The Movers. Individuals who refuse to stop. They've been motivated to strive towards their dreams, accomplish them and more importantly, pull others up with them.

Our Emblems


The Motivators. The Leaders. Individuals that have seen their purpose. Risen above the norm. These Individuals are admired for their accomplishments, motivating others to do the same.

A Lifestyle of Inspiration
RM 5457 is more than a fashion line. Our lifestyle brand supports a community that thrives in achieving the impossible, celebrating accomplishments and self- expression.
From fashion & decor to elusive experiences that bring unparalleled networking and exclusive entertainment.