My name is Chrisma.

I grew up being taught that your life is owned by you, and you alone. Those lessons helped me create a lifestyle brand focused on pushing others to live their dreams. We’re all entitled to it.

We are more than a clothing brand and a quick nod to an entrepreneurial lifestyle. This is an avenue created to pave the way for those who are seeking encouragement, lessons and a community as they do the work to pursue their dreams instead of stifle them.

Here you will find apparel that supports the entrepreneurial community filled to the brim with creatives and a celebratory place for those who have made it to their dreams, whether as a leader in their own business or within a company role they sought after that helped them realize their dreams.

Founder's Vision

future is

A lifestyle brand comprising premium streetwear, lifestyle, home, office and couture.

A podcast centered on interviewing creatives and leaders about how to break walls and better this world.

In-person interviews on our channels adding valuable insights and lessons for those moving into leadership roles or choosing to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Last, and arguably my favorite, our physical RMs rotating across the US 4x a year will offer an exclusive invite by lottery to experience a lavish set of entertainment, networking and a taste of a themed dream.

Here, you will meet individuals from all walks of life and place yourself right in the hands of those who could push your business to new heights, sign you to that record deal you’ve been working towards or at the very least, widen your circle with a few new friends.

All while being immersed in themed, hidden luxurious evening to remember.I hope that should you become a permanent guest of RM 5457, that we give you the tools to follow your path in luxury.

Hard work reaps benefits and if you’re willing to own your life, you deserve a lifestyle, a RM that roots for you.

I truly hope you enjoy your experience as a guest here and I look forward to watching you realize your dream.